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Q: Is Jordan safe?

A: Jordan is a quiet house in a loud neighborhood. There are many security rankings from previous years that confirm Jordan’s safety, but nothing in 2015. There are, however, rankings about tourism. According to, a data analytics firm, tourism in Jordan has been steadily increasing and is now at a 69 thousand visitors per month. There have been no reports of terrorist activity or security threats. As for King’s Academy, there are no safety concerns. The United Nations recently hosted its Youth for Peace conference (organized by HH The Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah, an alumnus) on our campus, and the event was a roaring success, hosting delegates from all over the world, including peace activist and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Malala Yousafzai. But don’t take my word for it. Check out what people have to say on or



Q: How does the registration process work?

A: In order to register, please fill out the registration form. Once you do so, we will arrange for a brief phone call in order to get to know you, figure out the details, and give you your invoice. All payments are then wired to our bank account in Amman.



Q: What are pre-conference assignments?

A: Before the conference, delegates and advocates will be asked to submit a pre-conference assignment on February 10th, 2016. The assignment details will be announced upon registration. Their completion is required, and will ensure the highest level of debate during the conference. So, please complete them with care!



Q: Can individual students register?

A: It is possible for students to register individually for KAMUN. This application, however, will open on January 1st. More details to come.



Q: Why the King’s Academy campus?

A: Yes, debating in classrooms is a different kind of experience, but we believe small, intimate discussions are much more interesting and productive. Also, the general atmosphere of King’s allows us to infuse the conference with the school’s ethos, and great students. We also have harkness tables available, which give the usual MUN debate a twist. Overall, we believe it’s a much more intellectually stimulating experience – and you also get to see a lot of grass, which is nice.