General Assembly 1:

General Assembly 2:

Maryum Ahmed, Delegate of USA.

Lahore Gramma School – 55 main

The delegate stood firmly in passing her resolution, and prevented anyone from changing it from going against her interests.

Haya Abida, Delegate of the Guayana.

Asriyya International School

The delegate presented their amendment in a rather creative and unique way, by using visual aid, that helped the delegate explain their amendment.

Security Council:

Economic and Social Council 1:

Sama Zoubi , Delegate of  Kurdistan.

Kings Academy

For her hard work to work with other countries to create justice for all by taking into account history and international politics.

Layan Dmour, Delegate of France.

Montessori International school

The delegate has surprised the forum with excessive amounts of information and research and had excellent debate arguments

Economic and Social Council 2:

Human Rights Council:

Othman El-Tayeh, Delegate of Japan.

Kings Academy

For constantly finding a reason to amend the resolutions.

Faisal Khalili, Delegate of Iraq.

Kings Academy

For his loving speech on why a resolution that directly involved their country was inefficient and managed to sway the views of almost all the other delegates in order to make theirs moving.


International Court of Justice:

International Criminal Court 1:

Omar Sindi, Al Shabaab Representative.

Kings Academy

He exhibited excellent negotiation skills with the lawyers and witnesses of the ICJ in efforts to establish a Caliphate for Al Shabaab in Africa.

Sama Nabulsi, Advocate.

Ahliyyeh School for Girls

Very good questions during witness examinations, very passionate individual overall as well!

International Criminal Court 2:

League of Nations:

Yaser Abul Haija , Advocate.

Asriyyeh International School

For his passion and devotion defending Abu Mohammad Al-Golani throughout the case and his positive attitude towards the case.

Sanad Abu Eideh, Delegate of USSR.

Amman Bachelorette School

Continued to challenge and corner the delegates on the podium with striking and effective points of information.

Crisis Committee:

East Asia Summit:

Saif Reziqat

Montessori International School

For his participation between the delegates, and suggestions in crisis committee. Furthermore, he participated in an adequate manner in supporting and going against the other cabinet members in the Saudi form.

Seyoung Jang, Republic of Phillipenes.

Kings Academy

For successfully passing a resolution as a main submitter and for actively participating in the debate.


:المنتدى العربي

 رويد حنوش – مندوبة الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية


حيث أنه سحب اسمه من ورقة حلول مقدمة من قبل مندوب الأردن. هذا وكما كأنه رأى المستقبل، فورقة الحلول هذه هي الورقة الوحيدة حتى الآن الفاشلة في المنتدى العربي. ورغم أن المندوبين الآخرين استغربوا من انسحابه من الوثيقة، إلا أنهم انبهروا من رؤيته المستقبلية.