Crisis Team

President’s Letter:

Dear Delegates,

I currently write to you from a basement in an apartment in Beirut. Maybe I’m in a bomb shelter in in Aleppo, Syria. If you’re quite imaginative you can almost see my outline amidst the many protesters taking the street of Beijing to protest the Chinese electoral System.  However, only if you are a delegate truly adept to the contemporary world and the challenges you will surely face, you are thinking about the ways you can rescue me or solve these situations.

This year, as President of the Crisis Team, my mission is to challenge your analytical and problem solving skills. In the real world, delegates, you will not have copious amounts of time or information to solve solutions. There will be no allotted “Lobbying and Merging” and you will not have time prior to ponder solutions complete with thirteen page packets and citations. No delegates, the real world will surprise you. Just like I will this February.

Hone your listening skills delegates, and prepare to be tested, because this year will be chaotic.


President of Crisis Team

Hanan Dudin

Hanan Dudin
President of the Crisis Team


Phone Number: +962 7 7993 3233